Unihome Ltd

Terms of Booking


These terms of booking/terms of contract of Unihome (hereinafter referred to as “Unihome”) shall apply to bookings made by private persons for the different properties of Unihome. Hereinafter, a person making a booking shall be referred to as “the Customer”. For the terms of booking as well as information about the right of cancellation and the right of amendment pertaining to group bookings, please contact Unihome’s sales service separately when making a group booking. A booking shall be considered a group booking if the number of rooms/apartments included in the booking made by the Customer is ten (10) or more.

The terms of contract shall apply to Unihome and the Customer when the Customer books and uses the accommodation services and other accommodation-related services provided by Unihome. These terms of contract include important information on the use of the accommodation services, the obligations of the Customer and the Resident as well as the basis on which the accommodation service prices are determined. The Customer should read these terms and conditions carefully before signing the agreement. Approving the terms of contract is a precondition for using Unihome’s accommodation services.

The term “the Resident” shall refer to the Customer or another natural person identified by the Customer who uses the accommodation services provided by Unihome in some form. The Resident shall be subject to the same terms and obligations as the Customer.

 The term “the Accommodation” shall refer to a part of a building, an apartment, room or other accommodation space which is available to the Customer or Resident for accommodation purposes.


2.1 Making a booking, legal validity, the offered accommodation agreement options and checking in

Once the Customer has made a booking and Unihome has approved it via an online service or otherwise in writing, the booking shall be deemed legally valid and it can no longer be cancelled without Unihome’s approval. The Customer approves any cancellation or amendment restrictions with regard to the price of the booking as explained in connection with the booking process. Unihome may require the Customer to pay a booking fee or confirm the booking with a credit card to verify the booking.

The stay begins with check-in. The check-in time starts at 3:00 p.m. on the agreed start date of the stay, unless otherwise agreed. Check-out must occur at the latest 11:00 a.m. on the end date of the stay, unless otherwise agreed.

2.2 Short stay

The stay shall be valid for the agreed period and it will automatically terminate when the length of stay stated by the Customer in connection with the booking ends.

2.3 Long stay and the Customer’s liability for payment

The Customer pays for the stay in advance for a period of thirty (30) nights and receive from Unihome a query regarding the advance payment of the next period. If the Customer wishes to shorten the stay during the 30-day period, this is possible. However, Unihome is not obligated to refund the advance payment. If the Customer has failed/fails to pay the invoice, Unihome shall be within its rights to terminate the Customer’s stay.  

If the Customer wishes to change the estimated duration of the stay during the accommodation agreement period from the estimated duration stated when making the booking, this may result in changes to the charge. The Customer understands and accepts that changing the duration of the agreement or terminating the agreement prior to the end of the estimated duration will also retrospectively affect the accommodation charge. In addition to the above, Unihome shall always have the right to deny an extension if the agreement has been valid for a maximum period of six (6) months.


The Customer is responsible for meeting and complying with all obligations arising from the accommodation agreement. The Customer is responsible for providing Unihome with correct and legally required travel information as well as other relevant contact and identification information with regard to the Residents. The Customer is responsible for the validity of the contact information. Unihome shall not be held liable in case the booking confirmation or some other information related to the booking could not be delivered to the Customer due to incorrect contact information. Residents can only be changed upon a previous written agreement with Unihome. Upon Unihome’s request, a Resident must be able to prove their identity. If the Customer and the Resident are not the same person, the Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Resident is aware of the terms and obligations pertaining to the stay. The Customer is liable for the Resident’s compliance with the agreement. The Resident shall agree to comply with the terms and conditions in accordance with this agreement as well as the set obligations. Should the Resident repeatedly or seriously breach the terms and conditions of this agreement, the agreement may be terminated and the Resident removed from the Property with immediate effect.


4.1 Invoicing

The Customer shall be liable for the payments arising from the agreement pertaining to a long-term stay in advance for 30-day periods or for the payments related to a short-term stay upon arrival. The Customer is released from the liability for payment of accommodation or additional services even if the Resident does not use the agreed services.

4.2 Guarantee

In connection with the booking, Unihome may charge the Customer for a guarantee, which also acts as a security for the booking and services. If charged, the guarantee is returned to the Customer in full once all of the contractual obligations have been met, any potential repairs, cleaning or other measures have been completed and the keys have been returned. Unihome shall have the right to deduct the required part of the guarantee to cover the Customer’s or Resident’s liabilities for payment, repair the damage caused by the Customer or Resident, clean or empty the Accommodation outside the normal cleaning or emptying or cover the additional costs resulting from the inappropriate actions of the Customer or Resident or similar additional costs (including additional work or costs incurred to Unihome). The Customer must provide Unihome with sufficient information for the return of the guarantee. The guarantee is not subject to interest.

4.3 Change of price if the Customer changes the duration of the stay

If the Customer changes the estimated duration of the stay from the estimated duration stated while making the booking, or if the agreement otherwise terminates prior to the end of the estimated duration of the stay, the price collectable from the Customer changes to match the changed duration of the stay. The Customer understands that should the agreement terminate before the end of the estimated duration of the stay, the unit price (such as a daily or weekly rate) collected for the Customer’s stay increases and retrospectively affects the price for the previous months. The terms of change are specified in the booking/agreement terms. 

4.4 Payment delays

If the Customer is late with payments, Unihome shall have the right to collect late payment interest of 8% from the due date. When it comes to consumer customers, the late payment interest is in accordance with the established Interest Act shall be applied from the due date onwards. The Customer is charged a fee of EUR 5 for a payment reminder. In addition, Unihome may charge the Customer for reasonable collection fees arising from the collection of the invoice. The payment made by the Customer primarily applies to the late payment interest, collection fees and other expenses and only then to capital. The termination of the agreement based on a payment delay is specified in section 2.3. If the Customer has failed to pay an overdue invoice despite a payment reminder, any other unpaid receivables invoiced in accordance with the agreement also fall due with immediate effect unless otherwise stated in the mandatory legislation.

4.5 Payment

4.5.1 Payment methods

The following payment methods are available: OP, Nordea, Danske Bank, Oma Säästöpankki, Savings Bank, Aktia, POP Banks, S-Bank, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, Amex as well as Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Master Card and Debit Master Card cards.


5.1 General information regarding the use of the Accommodation and the stay

The Resident must take care of the Accommodation and the related movables and equipment and use the Accommodation, movables and equipment only for their normal purpose of use. No one other than the Resident may be allowed to use the Accommodation or part thereof unless otherwise agreed in writing with Unihome in advance. No alterations may be made to the Accommodation. It is not permitted to make holes, leave other marks or attach, for example, nails, screws or picture hooks to the walls or other surfaces of the Accommodation. The Customer shall be liable for any damage caused pursuant to these agreement terms. Any movables in the Accommodation may not be transferred outside the Accommodation without prior written permission from Unihome. A Resident shall have the right to bring personal items to the Accommodation in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, provided that they do not cause damage or disturbance to the Accommodation, other premises or other residents. Causing a disturbance at the Accommodation or connected premises is forbidden, and the Resident may not through their actions disturb others living in the vicinity of the Accommodation. During the stay, the Resident must comply with the Accommodation’s rules and regulations, any instructions or regulations issued by the authorities as well as legislation. The rules and regulations are displayed in the Accommodation. A EUR 200 handling fee will be charged for any activity in breach of the rules and regulations that leads to a complaint. Smoking or the use of strong perfume which may disturb the next resident inside the Accommodation or on connected premises is not permitted. However, the Customer accepts that Unihome does not offer non-allergenic rooms and cannot guarantee that the rooms are perfume-free or otherwise non-allergenic. The use of illegal drugs and criminal activities at the Accommodation or connected premises is also strictly forbidden. Furthermore, the Resident shall ensure that: (i) the Accommodation as well as any communal areas related to it are kept clean; (ii) waste is placed in the designated waste containers in a timely fashion; (iii) lights, electrical devices, taps and water connections are turned off when vacating the premises or when the Resident is asleep; (iv) door and windows are locked always when vacating the premises; and (v) keys and potential door codes are not handed over to third parties or lost and no copies are made of keys. The costs arising from lost keys, such as changing locks, rekeying or acquiring new keys, shall be covered in full by the Resident and the Customer.

5.2 Visitors

The Accommodation may not be used to organise events to which the general public has free entry or which otherwise disturb other residents or neighbours. However, the Resident does have the right to invite private guests to the Accommodation on an occasional basis, provided that such guests do not disturb other residents or the operations of the Accommodation. Nonetheless, the number of visitors staying the night in a room may not exceed the room’s maximum capacity, which the Customer can check from customer service. The Customer must notify the Accommodation’s customer service in advance if a visitor is planning to stay overnight. Such visits may not be recurring, and Unihome shall have the right to limit the number of visitors or visits for a justified reason. Visitors may use the Accommodation’s lobby areas or other similar communal areas, for which the Customer is responsible. However, visitors do not have the right to use the Accommodation’s additional services or facilities (such as the sauna, breakfast or laundry service) free of charge.

5.3 Pets

Pets may not be brought into or kept in the Accommodation or the communal areas without prior written permission by Unihome. Permission to bring a pet is subject to an additional fee. Please enquire about pets when making your booking or by contacting Unihome’s customer service. If the introduction of a pet to the Accommodation has been agreed, the permitted number of pets is clarified with the Customer. The pet may then be brought into the communal lobby area in addition to the Customer’s room. No animals may be brought into communal areas closed off by a door or otherwise designated communal areas, such as the communal kitchen. In case animals are brought to the Accommodation without permission, Unihome shall have the right to collect from the Customer a EUR 100 handling fee as well as a cleaning fee based on the actual cleaning costs. In addition, the Customer shall be liable in full for any damage or disturbance caused by an animal in the Accommodation or on other premises regardless of whether the Customer had permission for the animal or not.


Unihome shall not be liable for any items left or stored by the Resident in the Accommodation or any communal spaces connected to it. With regard to items left in the Accommodation after the end of the stay, Unihome has no obligation to store such items. Instead, the Customer must ensure that all of the Customer’s or Resident’s items are removed from the Accommodation. The Customer must cover the price of storage or packaging.

Unihome shall have the right to visit the Accommodation in order to check the condition of the Accommodation, ensure that it is properly taken care of and produce the cleaning and other services related to the accommodation. The Resident must allow Unihome’s representative entry into the Accommodation without delay to perform the aforementioned tasks. If necessary, Unihome’s representative or another person designated or authorised by Unihome shall also have the right to inspect and access the Accommodation. If the Accommodation requires more extensive maintenance or other work, this is announced at least 24 hours before the start of the maintenance work. Any services ordered by the Customer are delivered according to a schedule stated by Unihome. If a service ordered by the Customer, such as cleaning, cannot be delivered because the Customer is present in the Accommodation or if the service cannot otherwise be provided due to the Customer (e.g. because the Accommodation is in such disarray that normal cleaning is not possible), the service is not provided and the Customer is entitled to compensation for the non-performance.


The Customer may have the opportunity to use additional services offered and communal areas in connection with the Accommodation (such as lobby areas, the laundry room or the sauna), some of which will be subject to an additional charge as stated below. The additional services may be provided by third parties, in which case the third party in question will be the Customer’s contracting party with regard to the service in question. The additional service may also be subject to the special terms and conditions stated in connection with the service with which the Customer agrees to comply when using the service. Unihome does not guarantee the availability of additional services or communal spaces and reserves the right to make changes to the additional services or communal spaces available at any given time. The Customer shall not be entitled to compensation or remuneration in case the additional services or communal spaces are not available or if they have been changed.

7.1 Cleaning

The Accommodation is cleaned on the day of departure and, for bookings for over seven (7) days, once a week at a date and time stated by Unihome. The Customer must allow access to the room for cleaning. At their discretion, the Customer may order additional cleaning from Unihome, subject to a charge in accordance with the current price list. The time and date of the additional cleaning is separately agreed with the Customer.

7.2 Breakfast

In some of Unihome’s properties, breakfast is included in the room price, with the option to enjoy breakfast at a designated location at a specified time. 

7.2 Storage service

The Property may include the option to store the Resident’s personal items. For further information about storage and the terms and conditions related to it, please contact Unihome’s customer service.

7.3 Sauna

In some of Unihome’s properties, customers have the option to use the communal sauna turn at the designated time. 

7.4 Laundry

In some of Unihome’s properties, Customers have the option to use a self-service laundry facility free of charge. 


At the end of the accommodation agreement period, the Accommodation must be handed over to Unihome in the same condition it was received, properly cleaned (where cleaning is not part of the agreement) and cleared of the Resident’s personal property. In all Unihome properties, the Customer must take out the rubbish, make sure that the room surfaces are clean and wash the dishes. If the Customer neglects the final cleaning, they may be subject to a cleaning fee based on the actual cost of cleaning. Unihome may also charge the Customer for any damage caused by the Customer or the Resident. Unless otherwise agreed, the check-out time on the end date is by 11:00 a.m. If the Resident has not handed over the room at the end of the stay or if it has otherwise not been possible to agree on a handover, the Resident’s personal property and any items left in the Accommodation are destroyed. The Customer and the Resident understand that the Resident’s access to the Accommodation ends and the Resident’s key ceases to work immediately after the end of the stay. Unless otherwise agreed, access to the Property ends at 11:00 a.m. on the end date.


9.1 Reporting damage

The Customer and the Resident are obligated to immediately report to Unihome any damage caused to the Accommodation or its movables. Any serious damage, potential damage or danger must be reported immediately to the reception of the Accommodation when the customer service is present or outside the customer service hours to Unihome’s email address: reception@unihome.fi.

A person who has neglected their obligation to report is liable for the damage caused.

9.2 Compensation for damage, harm or disturbance

The Customer shall compensate Unihome in full for any damage, harm, disturbance or costs caused by the Customer, the Resident or a guest staying in the Accommodation or using the connected facilities at the Customer or Resident’s permission through their actions or neglect, intentionally or due to carelessness, to the Accommodation, movables, equipment, other used or communal spaces or to third parties or their property. The liability for pay for damage also applies to lost or destroyed movables and property as well as the tidying, cleaning or repair costs arising from the unusual contamination or wear of the facilities available to the Resident. If the Customer triggers a fire alarm in the Accommodation or in other facilities, the Customer is liable for the resulting costs (such as emptying the hotel and potential claims for compensation caused to other customers).


10.1 Performance of the service

Unihome shall be responsible for ensuring that the Accommodation is available as agreed at the date and time corresponding with the Customer’s booking. Unihome shall be responsible for the delivery of the additional services or equipment reserved, ordered or acquired by the Customer as agreed. However, Unihome shall always have the right to offer the Customer an Accommodation of higher quality than the one selected by the Customer. Unihome shall ensure that the Accommodation is, at the start of the stay, in a condition the Customer can reasonably expect based on Unihome’s description of the Accommodation and other circumstances. In addition, Unihome shall be liable for the normal wear and tear of the Accommodation and its equipment, the operation of the service as well as the resulting costs. However, Unihome has no obligation to make any improvements to the Accommodation to increase its level; such work is subject to Unihome’s discretion.

10.2 Providing a replacement commodity

If it is not possible to provide a Accommodation or service in accordance with the agreement or if it is for some other reason necessary to provide the Customer with a Accommodation or service other than what was agreed, Unihome shall have the right to provide the Customer with a Accommodation or service that is as similar as possible without any extra cost to the Customer. If offering a replacement Accommodation is not possible, Unihome reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. In that case, Unihome shall refund the Customer in full for any potential payments already made.

10.3 Reported errors and error correction

Any comments or complaints pertaining to the condition, movables or equipment of the Accommodation must be submitted without delay; however, at the latest within 24 hours of the start of the stay, after which time Unihome shall have the opportunity to correct the error. If the error report is delayed or submitted only at the end of the booking, Unihome shall have no obligation to compensate the Customer for the resulting loss or inconvenience. Unihome investigates all written error reports submitted to it regarding the Accommodation or its movables or equipment without undue delay. Unihome corrects errors quickly and within a reasonable time according to the urgency of the error.

10.4 Compensation for damage and restriction of liability

Unihome shall be liable for any delay or error contrary to the agreement, which is due to Unihome’s error and which cannot be remedied within a reasonable time. In a situation like this, the Customer shall be entitled to compensation for the resulting loss, unless otherwise decreed by mandatory consumer protection legislation or other mandatory legislation. Unihome shall not be liable for indirect losses. The Customer shall not be entitled to compensation for loss if the error or delay results from a force majeure, official request or ban or some other compelling reason.

10.5 Force majeure

Unihome shall not be liable for any delay or loss arising from a force majeure. A force majeure includes, for example, a natural catastrophe, fire, water damage, strike, pandemic, interruption of energy supply, a power or water outage, internet, heating or sewage issue or a third party’s maintenance, repair or other work or some other obstacle that has a material effect on the implementation of the service. With regard to Unihome, a force majeure shall also comprise a force majeure applicable to a partner of Unihome or an operator considered essential for the production of the service.


11.1 Unihome’s right to terminate on the basis of a breach of contract

Unihome may terminate the accommodation agreement if the Customer or Resident is in material breach of the agreement, the rules and regulations or some other terms and conditions. The termination shall enter into force with immediate effect or as described in the notice of termination. However, after the termination, this agreement can still be applied, for example, to identify liabilities as well as the basis on which compensation is calculated. Unihome shall have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect without the obligation to submit a notice of termination on the following grounds:

• The Customer or another party liable to pay has been declared bankrupt or has in some other way been deemed insolvent or otherwise incapable of meeting its contractual obligations

 • The financial situation of the Customer or another party liable to pay has materially decreased and the party in question does not pay the separately determined advance payment or set an additional security

 • The Accommodation has been handed over to a third party or some other user contrary to what was agreed between the contracting parties

 • Significant disruption was caused in the Accommodation or in other facilities

 • Damage has been caused to the Accommodation or other facilities, movables or equipment

 • The rules and regulations or rules of behaviour have not been adhered to and the breach is significant

 • Criminal activities have taken place in the Accommodation

• The Accommodation has been materially used for purposes other than living and overnight stays

 • The Resident lets outsiders into the Accommodation on an ongoing or recurring basis contrary to these agreement terms or the guests create a disturbance in the Accommodation or in other facilities

 • Unihome shall have the right to terminate the accommodation agreement with immediate effect if the Customer fails to pay for the accommodation by the due date.

• Any kind of gainful employment on the premises of Unihome is forbidden without a prior written permission.

 11.2 Customer’s right to terminate on the basis of a breach of contract

The Customer may terminate the agreement if Unihome is in material breach of the agreement or acts in a way contrary to its obligations and Unihome has not remedied the error or delay within a reasonable time. A written notification must be drawn up for the termination.


Unihome shall process the personal data of the Customer and the Resident in accordance to the privacy notice of the service [www.unihome.fi].


If part of this agreement is or becomes, due to regulatory changes, an official regulation or for some other reason, invalid or void, the rest of the agreement shall still remain in force.


Unihome shall reserve the right to name customers using the accommodation services as its customers on its website and in other marketing materials in accordance with good practice. Should the Customer not wish to be used as a reference, the Customer must notify Unihome in writing in connection with making the booking.


These agreement terms shall not undermine the Customer’s rights based on mandatory consumer protection legislation. Unihome shall have the right to amend these agreement terms as long as the amendment is not detrimental to the Customer. Unihome may also amend the agreement terms otherwise as long as the content of the agreement is not essentially changed, provided that the amendment results from, i.e. changing or making consistent the agreement, pricing or customer service arrangements pertaining to the service, corporate or business arrangements, a change in essential production costs, changes in services produced by third parties, such as the termination or amendment of a service agreement, termination of a specific service or a property thereof, the development or revision of services, technical system changes, a significant change in the market situation or demand for the service or some other similar justified reason. Unihome shall inform the Customer of the change of agreement terms in an appropriate manner. If the changes are detrimental to the Customer, the Customer shall be entitled to terminate the agreement upon the entry into force of the change. The Customer shall be responsible for ensuring that, prior to accepting the reservation, the Customer has read the current version of the booking/agreement terms.


This agreement shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with Finnish law. Unihome and the Customer acknowledge and confirm that this agreement pertains to the sale of accommodation services, which is not subject to the Act on Residential Leases. Any disputes arising from or pertaining to this Agreement shall be settled by the district court of Helsinki or the court of first instance of the consumer’s place of residence. A consumer may also refer a dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board (https://www.kuluttajariita.fi/en/index.html). Prior to referring the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, a consumer should contact the Consumer Advisory Services (https://www.kkv.fi/en/consumer-advice/).