Visit once, always return

Visit once, always return

Sometimes a person needs a temporary home in a foreign city. Finding accommodation can be tricky. Where to find a reliable, safe apartment if you can’t visit it before renting?

Unihome provides accommodation and housing services and Entry housing in an easy and effortless way in Helsinki and Espoo. In our homes you can live for a long period of time or just visit briefly. We offer a resting place for a bohemian professor, a citizen of the world or anyone looking for a temporary home before making the next move.

We offer cost-effective, unique ways of living. Our services make your everyday chores effortless and allow you to focus on living. We help guests to find their place in the Finnish everyday life and their new hometown. We offer you a second home to settle in easily and safely.

Your second home

In our homes you have a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. Many life-long friendships have been forged and even life partners found under our roof. In the communal spaces you meet people but the calm home-like environment also offers possibilities for working in peace. Living is easy in all properties – kitchens are well equipped and laundry rooms are functional. Some of the Unihome properties have a sauna. In Töölö Towers the breakfast is included in the room price. All our properties have good, direct connections to the centre of Helsinki.

Whether you are looking for a temporary home because of plumbing renovation, researcher exchange, life change or adventure, we have effortless solutions for you. Everyone regardless of age and nationality loves to live with us. Once you visit us you’ll come back.


  • The reservation always requires a valid credit card. The card will be charged for 50% of the price of the (maximum of 30 nights period) accommodation automatically 7 days before the arrival.
  • For university prices please ask your host institution to make a reservation.
  • The individuals checking in must be 18 years old or older. Children with a guardian are welcome.

Our values

Unihome supports the work and purpose of our owner community by providing internationally recognised quality housing services. Our values support our goals and define our activities now and in the future.

  • Trust
  • Desire to improve
  • Courage
  • Enthusiasm

Life at Unihome