Breakfast is served

Breakfast in Töölö Towers

Breku, Helsinki slang for breakfast, is served daily on the first floor of Unihome Töölö Towers. It is healthy and tasty, and keeps you going from morning till noon.

The Finnish breakfast table often includes porridge, rye bread, yoghurt and quark with cereals and fruit.

Breakfast at Töölö Towers

Did you know?

Did you know that per capita, Finnish people drink more coffee than any other nation in the world? No wonder that Finnish people put effort into the quality and brewing of their coffee. Helsinki is home to several coffee roasteries producing freshly ground coffee for the cafes, breakfast tables and workplaces of the city.

Tasty Finnish coffee from:

  • Johan & Nyström
  • Kaffa Roastery
  • Helsingin kahvipaahtimo

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