Safe and sustainable living

No worrying about the future

Feel safe at Unihome

For us, the safety of the residents is the top priority. All Unihome apartments have a contemporary, break-in-proof lock system. The maintenance level of the properties is high, and all properties have fire alarm devices. The kitchen appliances in the apartments are safe and contemporary, and all broken items are fixed or replaced quickly. Unihome properties are also equipped with lockable storage spaces.

Nature and sustainability

Nature and cleanliness are important to Finns, and that’s why we strive to be sustainable. Our facilities have extensive waste recycling systems, and therefore most of the waste is repurposed or used for energy production. Maintaining the properties actively and improving their energy efficiency allows us to save energy and water. We use only environmentally safe detergents and cleansing materials in order to put as little strain on nature as possible.

Life at Unihome