Community kitchens

Making tasty food in a great company

Community kitchens in all Unihome locations

The common kitchen is the best place to get to know your neighbours, cook together and be introduced to new cuisines from around the world. The kitchens have enough space for cooking, playing cards and having long evenings. There are common kitchens in all Unihome properties.

Did you know?

Tasty and traditional Finnish dishes include creamy fish soup, cabbage rolls stuffed with meat and, for dessert, bilberry pie. The Finnish diet follows the seasons. In summer, we eat fresh roots and vegetables, and in autumn, mushrooms and berries. The Finnish forests grow a lot of healthy superfoods that anyone can go and pick. Wild bilberries, lingonberries, raspberries and strawberries grow in the forests.

You can find traditional Finnish recipes here.

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